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Superior Lasik surgery management

Do you rely on glasses and contact lenses to correct your vision? Free yourself from glasses and contact lenses by correcting your vision with Lasik surgery management from Dr. Jerry Warthman Optometrist. Lasik surgery is a short refractive procedure that typically lasts for 10 to 20 minutes and has a very minimal recovery time.


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Receive personable Lasik and cataract surgery services

When you determine Lasik surgery is the right course of action for you, Dr. Warthman will discuss with you prescreening and post-operation procedures. You will then be referred to a reputable and experienced surgeon for the surgery. Once the procedure is complete, you will return to us for a follow-up consultation.


Have you been diagnosed with cataracts? Dr. Warthman is happy to offer prescreening and post-operation management services for cataract surgery! Call our office at 765-644-0060 now to discuss your cataract surgery options.

Enjoy honest, professional care from an optometrist who takes pride in treating his patients. Call us to schedule your appointment.